Monday, March 20, 2006

March 20, 2006 Post Pairs Match

What do you do after a frustrating match that you think you should have done better in? Put the damn thing out of your mind and get on with it, whatever it is. For us we went to the range today with specific missions in mind. Pat and I both wanted to fire a few shots to foul our barrels after cleaning them following the pairs match. For the non shooters, an overly fouled barrel shoots a big group, bad news. A squeaky clean barrel sometimes needs a few shots to settle down, bad news if you have to fire some of those shots on score in a competition. So we cleaned after the pairs match knowing we could lightly foul the barrels today. That was Pat’s only mission so he went out and had a shoot at 300 yards. The other mission was mine. I have been shooing my Angel and struggling with the trigger, today I installed the spare trigger I had brought with me and then I went out and had a shoot at 500 yards. A word about the install, the trigger needed a bit of fitting, something I was not prepared for. James Corbett from Australia lent me a file and Martin Millar from Ireland lent me some Loc-Tite, such is shooting. Missions accomplished we drove out to Castlemaine for lunch at Tilley’s Tea Room, the restaurant owned by our friend Glenda. We had a great afternoon chatting with Glenda and husband Chris. Chris will be at the shooting event tomorrow, Glenda will be working. Our final stop of the day was at the home of Barry Davies. We had a nice visit with Barry who also kindly gave me a screw I needed for my rifle. All this on a pleasant, sunny day, who could ask for better? No pictures today, Cheers, Jim.


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