Thursday, March 23, 2006

March 23, 2006, Thursday, Individual Match Final

We assembled for the last time on the range today to fire the final stage of the Individual Match. As there was for the Pairs event, there was a good turn out of spectators for the final. Approximately 300 people turned out to watch, by my conservative estimate. The event organizers provided washrooms, souvenirs and even hot dogs and beer. The crowd had a lot of fun and included our friends from Castlemaine, Chris and Trevor. The unexpected surprise at 1000 yards was the appearance of Frank Horgan. His father was at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne and took some of the cards Gerry Oullette had shot when he won the Gold Medal for small bore. He presented the cards to Alain Marion, who had seen them 38 years before with Frank’s father at a BBQ in Melbourne. Alain was very touched by Frank’s gesture.

The day promised to be hot and the wind did not look like it was going to provide any relief or the potential to shake up the field too much. Sure enough, that was how events panned out. The temperature climbed steadily and the wind’s strength remained mild. It blew down the range towards us and moved across centre with enough strength in the changes to put a person out into the inner and sometimes even the magpie. But for the most part a person could follow the changes and a lot of big scores were turned in. I started the day sitting 10th, fired a pair of 74x75 for 148 total and finished pretty much where I started, 9th. Pat had a 74 at 900 but ran into elevation trouble at 1000 and finished the match in 23rd place. At the top of the heap Parag Patel of England, who started the day in 1st place one point ahead of Bruce Scott of Australia, shot a 147x150 over the two ranges. Not quite good enough as Bruce fired a 149 and won the Gold Medal by a single point. Parag was second for the Silver. Meanwhile, James Corbett of Australia shot a 149 to win the Bronze Medal. The order of finish for the top ten is listed and I have included a few photos.

I hope the people who have read this have enjoyed following the events and do not mind the tardiness of some of the posts. Cheers, Jim.

1 Bruce Scott, Aus 403.60
2 Parag Patel, Eng 402.57
3 James Corbett, Aus 401.57
4 Zainal, Mal 401.51
5 Zulkeflee, Mal 401.49
6 Robert Hayter, RSA 401.46
7 Johannes du Toit, RSA 399.52
8 Lindsay Peden, Sco 399.50
9 Jim Paton, Can 399.50
10 David Calvert, Ire 399.50


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