Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday March 14, 2006, Badge Match Day

Today we shot the Badge Match. The purpose of the Badge Match is to give the event organizers a dry run prior to the main events being held. The volunteer range staff and register keepers get a chance to practice along with the shooters. The course of fire was 2 sighters and 10 shots on score at 300, 500 and 600 yards in the morning and then 2 and 15 at 900 and 1000 yards after lunch. The weather was very good for shooting, sunny but not too hot. Pat and I tested our second rifles today. We wanted to try our second equipment and not take the match too seriously with the main events still to come. Interestingly the winner and runner up were Adam and Peter Jory, brothers from Guernsey. They were followed by Gareth Morris from Wales. Pat finished 5th two points behind the winner and one point ahead of me in 12th place. A total of 38 competitors took part. Tomorrow we head to Melbourne for the opening ceremony. We start shooting again on Thursday. Cheers, Jim.


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