Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 21, 2006, Tuesday, Individual Match Day One

And a long day it was. We shot a Queens One in the morning followed by a Queens Two in the afternoon. For non shooters that is 2 sighters and 7 on score at 300, 500 and 600 yards followed by 2 sighters and 10 on score at 300, 500 and 600 yards. Temperatures have been steadily climbing the last few days so it was hot work in the afternoon with the mercury hovering just below 90 degrees. My new trigger made the rifle much easier to break good shots with and I was pleased to put the all in at the first 300. I was not so happy with 500 and 600, dropping a point at each range. So I finished Stage One down two points, good for 12th place of the 38 entered. Pat had a slightly rougher go at 500 and 600 dropping 4 points in total. I knew the afternoon would have to be better. 300 and 500 were both clean and despite the heat I was confident 600 would also go well. Unfortunately I got caught for two inners in a row, shots 8 and 9 after a very good start. That was not a good finish to the day, so I am sitting in 10th place going into the final stage Thursday. The bad news is I am four points behind the top two competitors and that will be hard to make up if the conditions are benign, but we will see what happens on the day. Pat had a better afternoon then morning, shooting a 149 and leaving him down a total of five points and sitting 15th, but not without some drama. At 500 he got off one shot and then could not chamber another cartridge. His partner finished while he cleaned out the chamber and then he was able to finish, shooting a 50 in about five minutes. So we wait for Thursday. Cheers, Jim.


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